Advanced Survey Configuration

Prove It comes with several advanced configuration options, although the options available depend on the plan you’ve chosen for your store.

Response order (all plans)

The response order option is available on all plans. In most cases we recommend choosing to randomize the options, unless your survey requires that the responses are displayed in a specific order (i.e. “rate your shopping experience from not satisfied to very satisfied.”)

Audience (Verify & Pro plans)

With the audience feature you can decide whether you want a survey to display to new customers, existing customers, or both. This is particularly useful when trying to understand the reason why customer place their initial order, or why they’ve returned for another purchase.

Shopify Tags (Verify & Pro plans)

One of the features of the paid versions of Prove It is the ability to tag customers and orders. This allows you to create segments based on the data for advanced analysis (lifetime value, average order values, etc.).


How it looks in action:

Google Analytics (Verify & Pro plans)

The Google Analytics integration is entirely automated and can be deployed simply by checking the box.

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