Google Analytics Integration

Verify & Pro Plan

The Google Analytics integration is fully automated, as long as you’ve already set up Google Analytics within the Shopify admin (under Online Store -> Preferences).

Submitted responses will display in Google Analytics as events under the following format:

Event Category: ProveIt

Event Action: Response

Event Label: [chosen answer]~[attribution] (e.g. from a friend~direct) 

See screenshots for more context:

Google Analytics with Follow up questions:

There are a couple of important points when using the Google Analytics integration and follow up questions.

  1. If a customer submits a response for both the main question and the follow-up question, two responses will be created. In the below example, someone who submitted the response #4 (Google) would also be included in #2 (from search).
  2. Response event labels will be formatted as [first-response]-[second-response]~[channel]. See numbers 4, 5, 10, & 11 below.
  3. "Other" responses will be formatted as [response]-other-unknown
  4. For ease of segment creation, all labels will end with the attributed channel (i.e. ~social or ~search). This allows you to easily create segments in Google analytics for deeper analysis.

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