Klaviyo Integration

Pro Plan

With our Klaviyo integration you can push survey data to Klaviyo, and automatically add your users to custom lists for marketing purposes.

If you don't have an account with Klaviyo you can start a new account with up to 250 free contacts here.


Installing the app is easy. Just go to integrations and select the Klaviyo integration.

Add your API key and choose which list you want to use for capturing submissions.

Verifying Install

After you've received your first survey submission you can verify that the installation is working. Go to the list you've connected with Prove It and view the profile of one of it's members. Under the information section you should see a "medium" (if attribution based survey) and a "response" property. "Medium" is the channel you've paired with the survey response and "response" is the text response that was chosen by your customer.

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