Rockerbox Integration

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Rockerbox empowers marketers to make better decisions about their investments. Rockerbox centralizes online and offline marketing data, deduplicates conversions, and applies various attribution models to help brands understand how all their channels impact user acquisition. Our Rockerbox integration is available in all plans and is super easy to use.

Rockerbox activation

To install, go to the Integrations tab in the app and click the "Connect" button next to Rockerbox:

Enter your Rockerbox Account ID to connect your account. You can find it by logging into Rockerbox, and going to Settings > Account. If you can't find it, contact Rockerbox to help.

Survey Settings

From the main survey settings tab select "Attribution" as the question type.

Check this box if you want to push this survey data to Rockerbox. Make sure you've first enabled the ProveIt integration in Rockerbox first. You can find more information about this integration here:

That's it! You're all set up and your post-purchase survey data will flow into your Rockerbox account. 

If you have any questions or issues with the integration, please reach out to us. If you're curious about how to best use this data, contact your representative at Rockerbox.

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