Text response only surveys

One of the most valuable things you can do is understand why your customers shop with you. While it can be nice to aggregate responses via a multiple choice survey question, it's often best to ask a more open-ended question. For example, you could ask returning customers "What made you come back and purchase from us again?" and collect open-ended responses that give customers full freedom to say whatever they want.

Here's how to do that with Prove It

Step 1: Create a new survey.

Title your survey, add your question, and set the question type to "General Inquiry".

Step 2: Set your options.

Make sure you DO NOT add any response options. Add some custom placeholder text and edit the submit button and thank you message as you desire.

Don't forget about the Advanced Settings to do things like show only to returning customers or enable tagging.

Step 3: Preview and Save!

Make sure to preview your survey to ensure it works as expected. Your preview should look something like this.

Your text answers will display in the Raw Data tab and will be available for csv export. 

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