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We've created a set of dashboards and segments to help you maximize the benefit of our Google Analytics integration.

Dashboard Segments:

Responses Dashboard:
Install link:

The responses dashboard is designed to filter data from the standpoint of survey responses. Below are the pre-created segments:

If you select the "All" option your entire Google Analytics data will be filtered only by sessions with a survey response. "Influencer" will filter based on the responses with the word influencer, "search" & "social" by responses with the associated channels, etc.

These can be customized however you like, but should give you a good starting point. Feel free to click on the edit option under "Actions" within each of these segments to see how the logic has been created.

The rest of the report will be filtered according to the response segment you've selected. For example if you've selected "Prove it Responses - All", the source/medium table might look like this:

This will display all Google Analytics source/medium data for users who answered the survey. Filtering the same data by "Word of Mouth" provides the following:

In this case you can see that most people who self-select as coming from "Word of Mouth" are being attributed to Google CPC, direct, or Google organic.

Attribution Dashboard: 
Install link:

The attribution dashboard is very similar to the responses Dashboard, but filters data according to Google channels. Instead of Google source/medium data displaying in the tables and reports, you'll see response data.

In the below screenshot I've filtered the dashboard according to "Prove it Attribution - Paid Search", which means we're showing survey results that Google has assigned to "paid search". In this case you'll see that literally zero conversions were self-attributed to search.

If you have any questions or would like a specialized dashboard set up, just send us a message!

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