Determine your objective

Start by asking yourself “what am I trying to learn?”, and then determine how to phrase your question to gather that information from your customers. For example you could ask the following:

  • How did you hear about [insert your company name]?
  • Why did you decide to make a purchase today?
  • Have you ever told friends and family about [insert company name]? (display for returning customers only)

One of the favorite features of Prove It is the “attribution based” survey option. Attribution surveys allow you to ask your customers how they found you, and then match that data against Shopify’s analytics.

This is particularly powerful when paired with our “Direct traffic” report, allowing you to better analyze the black hole of “direct traffic”. It’s also used for validating sales channels. For instance, you could find that your search traffic is driven by people finding you on social media, or hearing from friends/family.

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