Attribution Based Survey

Pro tip: Pair with Follow-up Questions

To create an attribution based survey, select the "Attribution Based" option.

For an attribution based survey we recommend the following set up, with modifications according to your needs.

For the question, enter something like: “Where did you hear about us?”

It’s important to make sure your response options match the way your customers will think about finding your site. You can set the answers to whatever you like, or you can modify our suggested settings below:

Response Channel
I received an email about [your company name] Email
I found [your company name] on a search engine Search
I found [your company name] on social media Social
I heard about [your company name] from friends or family Direct
I'm unsure, or do not remember Unknown

Here are a few quick tips to maximize engagement with your survey:

  • Try to limit the options you offer to less than 10, and preferably less than 7.
  • Randomize the response order to limit position bias. This is particularly important if you offer more than 3-5 options.
  • We generally recommend using the “other” response option. As you collect data this can help you gain a better understanding of which questions and options you should include in future surveys.

Set your button text and thank you message. We’ve included defaults but they can easily be modified to fit your needs.

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